MultiX introduces spectrometric X-ray detectors

Innovative new technology ideal for luggage scanning systems

MultiX is a technology start-up that designs, produces and sells advanced X-ray spectrometric detectors, used for the identification of materials in general, and the detection of explosives in luggage and packages in particular.

The company was created in October, 2010 by Jacques Doremus and Patrick Radisson, both from the Thales group, with the support of the French CEA (Atomic Energy Commission). MultiX supplies x-rays system manufacturers with new x-ray detectors as part of a complete data acquisition system which upgrades current x-ray systems and allows them to perform better. This in turn allows airport operators to improve passenger facilitation and experience at checkpoints by reducing the need to divest liquids and laptops from their hand baggage while meeting the ever more stringent security regulations.

The new x-ray detectors are also applicable to non destructive testing applications, such as food and forest product processing where system performance can be can also significantly improved bringing a quick return on investment.

The MultiX x-ray detector technology has proved that it brings significant improvements in performance to current x-ray systems and hence has gained acceptance within the security market. The next step now is the development of x-ray security systems based on the technology. This new capital allows MultiX to take the next step by giving it the financial means to produce and market its technology to x-ray systems manufacturers to allow them to develop a new generation of x-ray systems with significantly improved performance to identify illicit substances and allow them to meet and exceed current and future performance regulations in both in Europe and in the United States.

The company benefits from important partnerships with x-ray system manufacturers and CEA-Leti, a French National Laboratory, in the field of spectroscopic imaging. MultiX is also active in various French and European research and development programs.

The company’s head office is in Neuilly-sur-Seine, near Paris. The R&D is located in Moirans close to Grenoble in the French Alps.


Jacques Doremus

Founder & CEO, has 30 years experience in business development of scientific and hightech services and products. Formerly Director of business development at Thales Electron Devices, he has significant experience in operations start-up from scratch and managing the growth of the operations to high volume maturity in an international environment.

He is an experienced leader with a proven track record in managing change in organisations and leading international multi-site projects. Together with Patrick Radisson he is the creator of MultiX and has invested in the capital of the company.

MultiX and Jacques Doremus won the 2010 French Ministry of Higher Education and Research competition that provides aid in the creation of innovative technology companies.

Patrick Radisson

Co-founder & CTO, Eng. Degree in electronics (ENST Paris) + MicroElectronics advanced degree + MBA (IAE).

Has 30 years experience in Detection and Imaging, Microelectronics and Micro- technologies through different positions in large companies and SME.

His background includes more than 18 years in solid-state infrared detectors field (SOFRADIR) through the management of the complete product cycle from development to production and through an active management of the development and industrialization of new technologies.

He also managed engineering and production in emerging MEMS/MOEMS field within a french start-up (PHSMEMS).

He was formerly head of Advanced Studies at THALES XRIS in X-Ray and THZ detectors field