Luggage & cargo screening

Changing air travel security regulations over the last decade mean that operators must deploy X-ray inspection systems capable of identifying liquid and solid materials in luggage and cargo, including explosives and all other illicit materials, quickly yet with a very low false alarm rate.

Manual checks of duty-free goods and luggage at checkpoints retard passenger processing, increasing the chances of flight delays and mishandled luggage – and to make things worse, air traffic is expected to double by 2025.

Furthermore, these controls now account for an unacceptable proportion of airport operating budgets.

Airports, ports, train stations, border crossing points and high-value facilities in general demand higher security at checkpoints – a need which is not met by conventional dual-energy X-ray imaging techniques.

X-ray spectrometric detectors by MultiX give scanners direct, real-time explosive identification capabilities to meet emerging security regulations in both the United States and Europe, while also potentially reducing operating costs at airports.

Main components in the MultiX spectrometric X-ray detector:

  • Energy resolving sensor for spectrometric analysis
  • High-speed front-end electronics for real-time photon counting
  • Dedicated spectrometric real time signal processing method


  • Direct identification of targeted materials, including liquid explosives and illicit substances
  • Significant reduction in false alarm rate (FAR)
  • Higher throughput