Xray Spectrometric Detection Boards

The first MultiX product to hit the market is an X-ray spectrometric detector. It comprises a series of detection boards, each about 10 cm long, in a frame positioned at a right angle to the direction of the luggage or objects being scanned.

The innovative technology featured on the new detector is based on the combination of a semiconductor crystal operating at room temperature, high-speed front-end electronics capable of precisely measuring the energy of each incidental X-ray photon, and powerful algorithms and methods that process the data stream from the detectors in real time and provide the signatures of the material being inspected.

Based on this technology, scanning systems can now identify explosives and narcotics in real time, while significantly reducing the false alarm rate (FAR) by a factor of three or four (proven in laboratory tests), and increasing luggage inspection speed.

The main potential customers are manufacturers of luggage X-ray scanning machines. The annual global market for these systems is estimated at $800 million.

With a timetable now defined for the application of new security regulations in both Europe and the United States, MultiX is anticipating a strong increase in demand because of the planned replacement of airport scanning machines.



  • Fast, direct identification of all materials, including liquids, explosives and narcotics.
  • Significant decrease in false alarm rate versus current dual energy sensing technologies.
  • Acquisition & processing of energy spectra in real time:
      • automatic image quality improvement (SNR, CNR) due to photon counting method;
      • fine energy measurement in real time at very high photon flux rates;
      • handles wide range of energy thresholds, and optimized band management for a wide range of imaging and identification applications.
  • Reduced overall system cost.
  • High throughput.
  • For more detailed specifications you can either download our booklet or contact us via email [email protected]