High-performance x-ray detector

MultiX supplies x-ray system manufacturers with advanced multi energy spectral x-ray detector technology allowing OEMs to significantly reduce the false alarm rate of baggage screening systems for airports and any sensitive infrastructure. The new x-ray detectors are also applicable to non-destructive testing (NDT) applications such as food processing, mining, recycling, industrial sorting, waste product processing, petroleum production, forest products, packaging and many others.




How x-ray spectrometry enhances scanner performances

Simple X-ray detectors such as scintillators only integrate the deposited energy of the interacting photons (producing a ‘greyscale’ image), whereas a semi-conductor device as ME100 can return both the number and the energy distribution (‘spectrum’) of the X-rays. Therefore each pixel of the image is associated not with one value but with a spectrum.
This allows to compare the attenuation data of each pixel or region of interest to a database or to calculate specific physical/chemical information using dedicated algorithms.

ME100 x-ray detector in a scanner