A breaktrough in X-ray transimission analysis

MultiX invests a large amount of its budget in R&D innovation to enhance its technology differentiators for material discrimination, identification and quantification in both conventional transmission x-ray imaging and advanced x-ray diffraction modalities for improved material discrimination.

MultiX x-ray detection technology is based on the unique combination of three main components:

  • An energy resolving CdTe/CZT semiconductor sensor for x-ray spectrometric analysis and direct material identification,
  • High-speed front-end electronics combining real-time, high-flux photon counting and precision photon energy measurement, and
  • Dedicated real-time signal processing for high spectral quality and enhanced discrimination, identification and quantification of all materials.

MultiX x-ray detectors consist of an integrated solution capable of precisely measuring the energy of each incidental X-ray photon, and powerful algorithms and high date-rate processing methods to quickly deliver the signature of each specific material.

MultiX enhances the capability to discriminate similar liquid and/or solid materials thereby reducing the false alarm rate compared to conventional X-ray solutions. Also MultiX detectors allow quantification of fat, salt, sugar, alloy composition and many other ingredients.