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Dylog Italia worldwide leader in the X-Ray inspection machine announces the new XFAN machine featuring a multi-energy spectrometric detector (ME100) from MultiX

Dylog Italia S.p.A as worldwide leader in the X-Ray inspection machine announces the new XFAN machine featuring a multi-energy spectrometric data acquisition system (DAS), the ME100 from MultiX S.A.

Dylog launches at the Paris “Emballage” packaging exhibition in November 2014, a new X-ray system equipped with the MultiX multi-energy spectrometric DAS.

The ME100 DAS allows improvements in differentiation and categorization between very similar materials such as fat, salt, sugar or lean elements in meat processing. This is possible due to the high resolution attenuation spectra available from the ME100 DAS with its 256 points of energy measured between 20 keV and 160 keV available to discriminate materials compared with conventional single or dual energy DAS systems.
Based on these unique abilities, Dylog S.p.A, a pioneer in new technology integration, enhances the performance of X-ray systems available for the meat industry with the ability to measure accurately and in real time the fat ratio for meat components below 500 g.

“The ME100 DAS is based on the innovative combination of semiconductor detectors (CdTe/CZT), high-speed front-end electronics and real time data processing software capable of precisely measuring the energy of each incident X-Ray photon. The ME100 DAS acquires the signature of each specific material in real time, therefore enabling the best categorization of fat and lean elements” said Jacques Doremus CEO of MultiX S.A.

“In order to launch this new system into a food quality control in-line process, MultiX worked with Dylog Italia S.p.A., worldwide leader in the X-Ray inspection machines market for food and pharma (more than 1200 systems installed in more than 60 Countries) to ensure the best use of the high resolution data. Based on a multi-year R&D project, in cooperation with an Italian university, some special software algorithms, aimed at fully integrating the multi-energy technology with the image processing for fat analysis, have been successfully developed and implemented. A lot of work has been also dedicated to the hardware design finalized to perfectly filter the signal in order to achieve the best level of performance possible.” commented Marco Pipino General Manager at Dylog Italia S.p.A
The first system was tested in an Italian plant of one of the top European meat manufacturers and the test was deemed a success.