MultiX detectors/data acquisition systems allow OEMs to significantly reduce the false alarm rate of baggage screening systems for airports and any other sensitive infrastructure.

MultiX x-ray spectrometric technology allows airport operators to improve passenger facilitation and experience at checkpoints by reducing the need to divest liquids and laptops from their hand baggage while meeting the ever more stringent security regulations.

The new x-ray spectromtric detectors in transmission are also applicable to non-destructive testing (NDT) applications such as food processing, mining, recycling, waste product processing, petroleum production, forest products and many others. For food applications, multi energy detectors allow for better foreign object detection in inhomogeneous products and to determine the nature of this contaminant (glass, ceramic, rubber...). Also, MultiX spectrometric technology quantifies the percentage of fat, salt content on small sample sizes of meat compared to other X-Ray solutions.